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08 Mai 2007 @ 13:14
Lisa Thiel

Lisa Thiel is a visionary artist and ceremonial singer whose healing song prayers and chants are among the most popular in the women's spiritual movement today.
Originally a holistic healing professional in Los Angeles, California, Lisa began creating her music as an expression of and as a vehicle for her own process of personal growth and transformation.
Her spiritual path led her to study many of the world's spiritual traditions and her teachers were yogis, shamans, Tibetan lamas and wise women of the Goddess tradition.
The connecting thread throughout was the practice of sacred song for healing and empowerment, and an emphasis on the Sacred Feminine found in all traditions in one form or another.
The result is a vital, authentic music that resonates with the energy of her experiences.
Lisa's songs literally are shamanic healing (medicine) songs that have touched the lives of countless women in a profound way.
Her songs soon became a traditional part of women's spiritual music and are currently sung in circles around the world.

Lisa Thiel Das sind Fundstücke aus dem Emule-Netzwerk. Anscheinend hat jemand die einzelnen Titel zusammen gesammelt und diese dann zu den CD's zusammen gestellt. Die Audio-Qualität schwankt dementsprechend von Stück zu Stück.

Invocation of the Graces


Magical and powerful song prayers sung by Lisa Thiel, adapted from and inspired by the Ancient Celtic Tradition.
Das Hauptthema dieser Chant- CD geht eher in Richtung Kelten und Brighid, wobei aber natürlich noch andere Themen vorkommen. Wieder wunderschöne Chants, die man sich gerne anhört und eine gute Quelle für Ritualchants.
A collection of Celtic song/prayers adapted from and inspired by the traditional magical songs of the old Scottish culture.


Journey To The Goddess


Das Hauptthema dieser CD der Sängerin Lisa Thiel, die mit ihrer klaren schönen Stimme überzeugt ist die Göttin in verschiedenen Aspekten, wobei der Mutteraspekt am stärksten hervorkommt. Einige Lieder sind auch bestimmten Gottheiten gewidmet wie z.B. Innana. Eine schöne CD und eine Quelle für Göttinnen zentrierte Chants.

A retrospective of all of Lisa's goddess music from her first four titles. Features: Rainbow Woman, Corn Mother, Spirit of the Plants, Tara Mantra, Moon Mother, Innanna, and more!


Lady Of The Lake


"Lady of the Lake" by Lisa Thiel is another beautiful collection of healing songs and chants invoking the Elementals, the Angels, and the Earth. Songs to the Divine Mother within and without inspired by multi-cultural tradition.[/quote]
[quote]Borrowing from traditions as old as music itself, Lisa once again strikes chords that move the body, mind and spirit. She blends her silky voice with ancient rhythms and enlightening lyrics to express messages of beauty, inner peace, and an intense appreciation for the elements of nature. In many ways this release is a journey, as she takes you from the arms of the Great Mother in Divine Mother Chant to the search for truth and beauty in Rune Song. She calls on the spirits of nature in Elemental Song, and leads you to the ultimate acknowledgment that all the love you need lies within yourself.


Mother Of Compassion


A Kuan Yin meditation CD. With the traditional mantra of Kuan Yin as a central theme, and lush hypnotic vocals and instrumentation, Lisa portrays the many aspects of the Goddess through musical variations - from the nurturing compassionate mother to the protectress and savioress who rides the dragon and carries the sword. Recommended for meditation, spiritual healing and inspiration, and as an energetic support for life transitions of all kinds. This music may also be used as a feng shui tool to clear and enhance the energy of any room through the purifying vibrations of Kuan Yin's Mantra.


Lisa Thiel und Ani Williams

Sisters of the Dream


This album is billed as "Songs to help us remember our connection with nature.... given with joy to the earth and the awakening female energies within us all." To establish this connection, the artists rely largely on Native American imagery.
I for one have become somewhat churlish about the over-reliance of whites using Native American imagery in attempts to re-connect ourselves with the Earth - it just doesn't ring true and smacks of "new age" nonsense. I admire and respect true Native American music, whether traditional or modern, as performed by Native American artists like Joanne Shenandoah or Jack Gladstone, but when whites act as if only persons born on the continent of their ancestors can learn to love the Earth, I resent the insinuation. But Ani Williams and Lisa Thiel have done an outstanding job here in using some Native American imagery, without sounding cheesy New Age at all, and their effort really works!
Ani's enchanting voice and harp alternates with instrumental pieces featuring native American flutes, percussion, ocarina, pan pipes, djenbe drums, and Lisa adds her own important musical dimensions. Melodic and rhythmic, this is music for meditation.
The teachers here are the animals and nature spirits - the jaguar, the blue heron, the owl, the bear, the dragonfly, the white deer, the swan, the whale, the hummingbird. In "Dream Maker," the jaguar teaches us "courage and will," the great bear teaches us the "Power to know shadows dreaming," t the white deer teches kindness, the swan teaches the "strength of woman," while

Whale people I hear your call,
Sacred Earth keepers of all.
Whale people I hear your call
You sing Her story for us all.

In "Flowering Earth," we are reminded that

... the flowers and the songs
They shall endure forever

The Earth is recognized also as encompassing the Sky. The "Star Maiden" beckons us to " look among the heavens/And remember my beginning there." In "Mother-of_All_That-is-Alive," the voices call upon the "Mother of Stars, Mother of Galaxies," recognizing that "Oh your children are remembering slowly/To honor all that is alive! Oh your children are remembering slowly/the oneness of all that is alive."
Another of my favorites is "In Peace and Beauty," taken from Lisa Thiel's earlier album, Songs of the Spirit:

In peace and beauty may I walk
In peace and beauty wander the heavens
In peace, in peace, may I wander

But the apex of achievement on this album, to my ear, is the song, "She," from Ani's prior album, Children of the Sun. Guitar, harmony vocals, hoop drum, and pan pipes accompany Ani's celestial voice, describing the feminine principle with devotion:

She stretched my heart, made it a drum
Keeping time with everyone...

Keeping time for dancing
with the moon and stars and sun...

With the rain, with the wind
In a circle of friends.

The chorus is in Greek Thracian, and can only be heard to be appreciated in its poetic triumph.
It is hard to describe the beauty of music in words, and it is especially challenging to attempt to do so for this album. But if you need some musical beauty and peace in your life, you will find this album inspirational and engaging.


Songs For My Ancestors


Thirty participants gathered in a sacred circle to beckon the ancestors to send out blessings through this music, led by Thiel and Williams. The result is a passionate collection of Celtic songs accented by guitar, harp, flute, bouzouki, viola, djembe drum and the exquisite vocals of Lisa and Ani. Incredibly lovely, the selections range from the delicate "Faery Song" to the more tribal driven "Blessings of the Animals" to help the listener re-connect with the healing, soothing and uplifting Earth energies for a renewed sense of inner harmony and peace. Often harmonizing with her own lead melody parts, Thiel's rich and dynamic voice intones Gaelic blessings which invoke the healing qualities of the animal world, expresses the passionate yearning for transformation of a butterfly, and sends prayers soaring skyward praising the beauty and wonder of the moon. Ani's lyrics attempt to pierce the veil of twilight when the magical transparency of the world can be glimpsed, evoke the power and majesty of ancient drum rituals from the British isles, and praise the pilgrim's path to enlightenment through mystery school initiation rites. The twosome believe that the knowledge of the ancient ones is kept alive through us, and that now is the time to carry on their vision so that the flame of love can be kept alive.


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(Anonym) on 23. Juli 2008 22:40 (UTC)
falscher link?
hey, ich freue mich sehr deinen blog gefunden zu haben :-)....nur leider ist das "journey to a goddess"-päckchen....ein leeres "libana"-päckchen?!...schade...